Una de las bandas responsables de iniciar el movimiento punk y rock gótico por fin regresan a Barcelona en un show muy especial. No te pierdas esta gran oportunidad de ver en directo a una leyenda viva celebrando el “40 Aniversario” con sus miembros fundadores Dave Vanian (voz) y Captain Sensible (guitarra) más centrados y activos que nunca, nos prometen que será un show inolvidable. Una verdadera cita con la historia, en la cual no va a faltar ninguno de sus clásicos como “Eloise”, “Shadow of Love”, “Smash it up”, “New Rose”, “Neat Neat Neat”, “Plan 9 Channel 7”, entre otros clásicos.

Legendary punk rock icons The Damned practically invented punk rock AND goth. They are credited with releasing the first punk single (‘New Rose’ in 1976), the first punk album (‘Damned Damned Damned’), the first to have a punk record on the UK charts, and the first to tour the United States. The Damned later evolved into one of the forerunners of the gothic genre (The Black Album from 1980) and have incorporated numerous styles into their music and image, including: garage rock, psychedelic rock, cabaret, and theatrical rock.


The Damned are one of those bands that never seem to age. Since the 70’s The Damned have been putting on loud, exciting, rocking shows. When they put on a big show, such as at Rebellion Amsterdam in 2014, they go all out. The drums are loud and heavy, the guitars screeching, Dave Vanians vocals are spooky; this is pure, unadulterated punk, gothic rock and roll. “We kick more ass than most young bands,” co-leader and guitarist Captain Sensible says, just back from a successful tour with Motorhead, and he’s right, their show will be a truly spectacular experience!

CONCIERTOS | 13/12 / RAZZMATAZZ 2 (Barcelona)