Poemas en Neón por Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery es un artista Inglés que, entre otras cosas, se encarga de intervenir espacios con poemas escritos en luces solares de neón y anuncios espectaculares con textos de critica social, algo que lleva haciendo por más de una década y que toma como antídotos de toda la publicidad que ve en las calles para dar momentos de meditación a aquellos que quieran tomarlos. Sus textos son reflexiones inspiradas por las consecuencias de vivir en una época extremadamente capitalista.


Internationally renowned conceptual artist from the United Kingdom on our list is Robert Montgomery (1972), London based Scottish artists, widely known for his standout public intervention pieces that introduce poetry into urban and industrial landscapes through forms of captivating light installations, recycled sunlight pieces, fire poems and billboards. Educated in the Situationism and Marxism, Montgomery took these texts at their word, and brought his art based on text to the public sphere, occupying an extraordinary space situated on border lines where academia crosses to the realm of street art. Since 2005 he has been working on an acclaimed Words in the City at Night series of unique artistic interventions that examine  ideas of public space and our collective (un)consciousness. From elaborate constructions to illegal pieces plastered over existing billboards and advertisements, these seemingly simple yet rather graphic poems of extraordinary beauty and mesmerizing effect can be enjoyed during sunsets all across the world.