Ilustraciones críticas sobre la vida moderna por Marco Melgrati

La deshumanización acelerada que bulle con las nuevas tecnologías, el amor que se aleja de lo natural y lo tangible, el poder y el individualismo y, al final, la soledad a la que nos vemos abocados casi sin tregua. Todos estos conceptos se unen en la obra del ilustrador italiano Marco Melgrati, que hace una crítica al estilo de vida actual en una serie de desesperanzadoras ilustraciones. Marco otorga a sus ilustraciones un toque de humor sarcástico, para así hacer una crítica muy atinada a temas y situaciones modernas que nos tocan a diario, como: las relaciones en la era digital, la idiotización de las redes sociales, el capitalismo, el estrés laboral, la guerra y la religión.

ENG: It is extraordinary how many contemporary artists perceive their own time as foul, corrupted and rotten. They are probably right if you take all the wars, poverty and societal inequity into consideration. Marko Melgrati, a young mixed media artist, explores the less popular side of our civilization. The images he produces are shocking at the first glance, but once they settle in, it becomes apparent that his pictures are mere statements about the current state of things in the world.

Can it be that Melgrati’s illustrations are so powerful because we all recognize ourselves in them? They evoke images we know so well from the media and everyday life. By placing them in a different context, he makes sure that his critique can’t go unnoticed. These witty observations of the world we live in will remind you of the important things in life, and hopefully, they will inspire you to do something practical and give your contribution to the creation of a better world, a world in which the problems Marco Melgrati’s illustrations depict are obsolete.