Joe Webb

ENG: Joe Webb is a British artist creating enticing handmade mixed media collages. He is a Brighton based artist born in 1976, although he wishes he had been born 100 years ago. Having worked with computers as a graphic designer for several years, Webb has rejected the overwhelming possibilities of handling images with modern technology and embraced found images and a pair of scissors. He has described his technique as “a sort of luddite reaction” and representative of his “fairly anti technology” approach. The collages are painstakingly created from just two or three found images which are reinvented and represented by Webb as a single art piece. Rejecting Photoshop, Webb intelligently combines his chosen images to convey his engaging ideas.


Webb works with vintage imagery, which he feels is incompatible with modern day technology. He is drawn to the “fuzziness” of vintage print just like the scratches and dust on a vinyl record transmit a comforting warmth to the aesthetic. He finds the charming tools of his trade in charity shops and second hand book stores, “I like to accidentally stumble across things that can then become a piece of art. There’s an element of serendipity to it”. Webb is particularly drawn to images from the 1950’s when there was an emphasis on design and real craftsmanship in everything man made. Many of his pieces wittily examine human relationships and our baffling position in the universe. There is a dark undercurrent to Webb’s work; he peels back the veneer to uncover the reality beneath. His limited edition prints, based on his original collages, incorporate thrilling multimedia printing techniques such as Silver Left and Diamond Dusting. Ironically Webb’s artwork has become incredibly popular on the internet with tens of thousands of people are sharing his images online. He has also succumbed to Facebook.